Preparing for a Cozy Winter: Decluttering with Marie Kondo's Tips and Cubby Mini Storage

Published on 9/21/2023

Winter in Kirtland, New Mexico, is a magical time, but it also brings the need for some extra preparation. As the temperatures drop and the holidays approach, it's the perfect season to cozy up your home. Marie Kondo's decluttering philosophy can help you achieve this, and with the assistance of Cubby Mini Storage, you can make your space warm and inviting for the winter months ahead.

1. Start with the KonMari Method

Marie Kondo's KonMari Method advocates for keeping items that "spark joy" and letting go of those that don't. Before winter arrives, take a cue from Kondo and start decluttering. Begin with your clothing, books, papers, komono (miscellaneous items), and sentimental items. This process will help you identify what you truly want to keep and what can go.

2. Sort Your Winter Gear

Winter in Kirtland means cold temperatures and occasional snowfall. It's essential to have easy access to your winter gear. Use the KonMari folding method to maximize space in your closets and drawers for your winter clothing, including sweaters, scarves, and heavy coats.

3. Streamline Holiday Decorations

The holiday season often brings an influx of decorations. While it's wonderful to deck the halls, it can also lead to clutter. Sort through your decorations and keep only the items that you genuinely love and use. Consider using labeled storage containers to keep things organized in your Cubby Mini Storage self storage unit.

4. Make Space for Indoor Activities

During the winter months, you'll likely spend more time indoors. Create a cozy and clutter-free space for indoor activities like reading, crafting, or family gatherings. Donate or store items that are taking up valuable indoor space but not contributing to the winter atmosphere.

5. Utilize Cubby Mini Storage for self storage

To make decluttering more manageable, consider renting a self storage unit. Store seasonal items, sports equipment, or anything you don't need immediate access to during the winter. Your belongings will stay safe and protected from the elements.

6. Label and Organize

As you prepare for winter, label your storage containers clearly. This will make it easier to find what you need when you need it. Place frequently used items at the front of your storage unit for easy access.

Marie Kondo's decluttering principles, combined with the convenience of Cubby Mini Storage, can transform your home into a warm and welcoming haven for the winter season. By letting go of the unnecessary and keeping only what sparks joy, you'll create a cozy environment that's perfect for hunkering down during Kirtland's winter months. Prepare your home for the season ahead and make winter in Kirtland truly magical.