Storage is Scarce in Kirtland, Farmington, and Shiprock

Published on 10/23/2021
A recent survey of self storage properties in San Juan County, NM finds that storage space is scarce in Kirtland, Farmington, and even Shiprock.  If you've searched for storage space in the area recently, you're probably well aware that this is the case.  This can be a frustrating situation if you're looking for a place to store your extra things.

Many self storage facilities, including Cubby Mini Storage, have implemented websites that allow customers to view available units and book online.  A quick review of self storage facility websites shows that many facilities are full or nearly full.  Demand seems to be particularly high for larger units, with almost no 10x20 units available among surrounding properties.  If you're looking for a 5x10 or 10x10, you might have better luck.

If you're in the Northern New Mexico communities of Kirtland, Farmington, or Shiprock and find yourself in a pinch with extra items to store, but nowhere to store them, there are a few strategies to find an open storage unit:
  • Get on the waitlist - Many storage facilities now offer potential customers the ability to place their name on a waitlist for the unit size they're looking for.  When a storage unit in that size opens, the storage facility will contact all customers that have placed their names on those waitlists
  • Call near the end of the month - Most storage facilities ask their customers to give at least 10 days notice before the end of the month if they plan to move out.  Your best chance at finding an open unit is to call storage facilities near the end of the month to find a recently vacated opening.
  • Expand your search - Storage facilities nearest to population centers, like Farmington, are typically highest in demand and less likely to have open units.  If you can't find space near you, expand your search to surrounding areas.  The other advantage to making a short drive is you'll likely find lower prices on storage as you get further from the city center.
As a storage operator, we understand that it can be a frustrating process to find storage in the current environment.  The good news is that with a little persistence and creativity, you'll find the space you need in no time.